Child of Nature – Benefits of Nature in Childhood

Child of nature

Child of Nature – Benefits of Nature in Childhood

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Child of Nature

– Benefits of Nature in Childhood

About the book

This book evolves around the importance of nature as a healthy and stimulating environment for children’s development. Nature has a unique potential as a platform for children to grow and experiment. The book emphasizes the immanent curiosity of the child and its natural need for movement and how we can optimize the conditions for children’s development outdoors. The possibility of both risky play and sensuous stimulation that nature provides for us, supports the health-promoting pedagogical foundation that is necessary for the healthy development of the child.
The book is relevant for parents and professionals as well as others that might have an interest in the multiple ways in which nature benefits human development.
Author Biography

Rikke Rosengren is the manager and co-founder of Bonsai, a Waldorf education house, forest kindergarten and nursery. Rikke has a professional education as a kindergarten teacher, specializing in Waldorf education, and has worked and taught in the field for many years, as well as having published several books. Rikke is, furthermore, the manager of the Bonsai Institute, a center for knowledge and competence for kindergarten teaching, nature education, and leadership.
“It is my pleasure to recommend this book, which in an inspiring and professional way tells how you can awaken children’s interest for nature, and at the same time increase their understanding of themselves.”
Kjeld Fredens, Physician, brain-scientist, and senior professor at Institute for Learning and Philosophy, University of Aalborg, Denmark.
Happy reading!

Yderligere information

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  • Forfatter: Rikke Rosengren
  • År: 2018
  • Sidetal: 180
  • Forlag: Blue Pearl Books

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