Letting Art Teach

UDSOLGT!Letting Art Teach

Letting Art Teach

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Forfatter: Gert Biesta År: 2017 Forlag: amazon
Kategorier: , , , ISBN: 9789491444371.


Letting Art Teach. Art Education ‘after’ Joseph Beuys

In this book, Gert Biesta presents a new approach to contemporary art education by showing the unique possibilities the arts offer to establish a dialogue with the world around us.

This approach to art education is based on teaching as a process of showing,
where the teacher shows the student what could be good, important or meaningful to master in the world.

As a starting point for illustrating this method, the book proposes
‘How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare’ (1965) by Joseph Beuys,

which Biesta uses in order to draw out a number of important lessons about teaching

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